Sales Yard Procedures

What To Know When Getting Started

  • Rock is sold by weight.
  • Numbers posted on yard signs match the numbers on the price list.
  • <li?>Coverage and estimate guides are located with each stone category.

  • Examples of 100 lbs to 2 ½ ton boulders are located in display area.
  • Moss wall rock is sold by the pallet only.
  • Individual, smaller moss rocks are sold in areas #300 and #301.
  • Material in front of office is avaliable by individual pieces.
  • Dimensional cut flagstone is sold by the square foot and it is not necessary to weigh.
  • Small samples may be taken from pallets to help with final decision due to our NO RETURN policy.
  • Colored tags on boulders and pallets reserve stone for two weeks.
  • </li?>

Ready To Get Rockin’

To pick up materials at sales yard:

  1. Select stone and determine stone quantity needed.
  2. Weigh vehicle on platform scale in front of office. Remain in vehicle on scale until we wave you on or the green light flashes.
  3. Load vehicle with one type of stone. Ask for assistance with heavier stones.
  4. Re-weigh vehicle with same amount of people as first weighed in. Please do not park on scale.
  5. Repeat step #3 and #4 if you are getting more than one type of stone.
  6. Park in designated parking after weighing out.
  7. Come in with the product number(s) of the material you loaded so we can complete your sales ticket.
  8. Please note our NO RETURN policy.

To have materials delivered:

  • Ask for colored tagging duct tape and pen at front counter.
  • Tag selected boulder(s) and/or pallet(s) with plenty of tape. Write your last name, date, and numerical order of material preference if applicable.
  • Complete delivery information form.
  • Reserve a delivery date.
  • We will call the night before your delivery date to confirm order and price.
  • A credit card number is needed at time of order to hold material, but other forms of payment are accepted.
  • 24 hour cancellation or alteration of order is needed. $100 charge will be applied to credit card taken at time of order to cover restocking costs.
  • Please note our NO RETURN policy.