Retail Price List

Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call to confirm pricing and availability.

ID #NamePrice/Ton
0Seneca Buff Steppers$570.00
100Colorado Green Moss$230.00
101Colorado Green Moss Select$315.00
104Navajo Ruby Moss Select$415.00
109Buffalo Ridge Moss$220.00
113Pueblo Plains Moss$420.00
209Arapaho Buff Boulder$300.00
211Pawnee River Boulder$290.00
300Moss Specimen Boulders$420.00
304Rose Slabs$320.00
305Buff Slabs$370.00
306Hand Pick Moss Wall Stone$480.00
307Hand Pick Moss Veneer$495.00
308Arapahoe Buff Slabs$395.00
309Chippewa Slabs$385.00
500Navajo Ruby Prime Pallet$350.00
501Navajo Ruby Moss Square Pallet$308.00
502Navajo Ruby Moss Round Pallet$308.00
503Cortez Moss Pallet$465.00
504Dakota Brown Moss Pallet$380.00
505Buffalo Ridge Moss Pallet$240.00
506Mountain Meadow Moss$350.00
507Pueblo Plains Moss Pallet$370.00
508Elk Mountain Moss Pallet$380.00
510Mayan Tan Moss Pallet$175.00
511Ute Lava Moss Pallet$175.00
512Hopi Mountain Moss Pallet$407.00
513Choctaw Moss Pallet$175.00
514Colorado Green Moss$440.00
515Huron Moss Wall$465.00
600Meadow Moss Veneer$385.00
601Colorado Green Moss Veneer$445.00
602Mayan Tan Moss Veneer$225.00
603Hopi Mountain Moss Veneer$0.00
604Cortez Moss Veneer$375.00
605Adobe Moss Veneer$360.00
607Chippewa Veneer$415.00
609Huron Moss Veneer$465.00
610Osage Veneer$365.00
611Mystic Black$350.00
613Sierra Silver Ledge$690.00
700Rose Strip (4in wide)$375.00
701Rose Strip (8in wide)$355.00
702Arapaho Buff Strip (4in wide)$585.00
703Arapaho Buff Strip (8in wide)$585.00
704Seneca Buff Strip (4in wide)$605.00
705Seneca Buff Strip (8in wide)$570.00
706New Mexico Buff Strip (4in wide)$385.00
707New Mexico Buff Strip (8in wide)$380.00
708Buckskin Tan Strip (4in wide)$425.00
709Buckskin Tan Strip (8in wide)$410.00
710Inca Ledge$335.00
711Golden Buff Strip (8in wide)$370.00
712Manzanita Wall$410.00
713Sunset Strip (4in wide)$430.00
714Sierra Silver / Gold Ledge$690.00
715Anasazi Ledge$340.00
716Eagle Cliff Emerald Strip (4$1200.00
717Eagle Cliff Emerald Strip (8$1200.00
718Chocolate Strip$660.00
719Palomino Strip (4in wide)$480.00
720Palomino Strip (8in wide)$435.00
721Comanche Carmel (4in wide)$470.00
722Comanche Carmel (8in wide)$400.00
723Taos Buff Strip (4in wide)$495.00
724Taos Buff Strip (8in wide)$490.00
725Chippewa Cocoa Ledge$370.00
726Sunset Strip (8" Strip)$425.00
727Pennsylvania Blue 4$1200.00
728Pennsylvania Blue 8$1200.00
729Chaco Canyon$340.00
800Rose Select$374.00
801Rose Steppers$300.00
803Arapaho Buff Steppers$525.00
804Shoshone Select$410.00
805Taos Buff Select$645.00
806Taos Buff Steppers$445.00
808Palomino Select$650.00
809Palomino Steppers$485.00
810Sierra Charcoal Prime$790.00
811Seneca Buff Prime$570.00
812Seneca Buff Steppers$570.00
813Seneca Buff Thin Prime$594.00
815Golden Buff Steppers$440.00
816Kiowa Prime$640.00
817Bison Brown Prime$863.00
818Bison Brown Steppers$632.00
819Buckskin Select$460.00
820Rio Verde Select$400.00
821Painted Mesa Select$405.00
822Sierra Silver / Gold Steppers$615.00
823Sierra Silver / Gold Prime$785.00
824Cherokee Charcoal Prime$863.00
828Santa Fe Select$425.00
829Lakota Steppers$632.00
832Taos Buff Prime$535.00
833Sunset Select$425.00
834Sunset Steppers$375.00
836Eagle Cliff Emerald Prime$1020.00
838Black Crow Prime$985.00
839Black Crow Steppers$820.00
840Pennsylvania Chocolate$990.00
841New Mexico Chocolate Select$455.00
842Lakota Prime$863.00
843Buckskin Steppers$350.00
844Arapaho Buff Select$475.00
845Osceola Select$415.00
849Palomino Prime$665.00
900Rose Dimensional 12in x 12in (Price/Each)$17.05
901Rose Dimensional 12in x 18in (Price/Each)$25.58
902Rose Dimensional 18in x 18in (Price/Each)$38.36
903Rose Dimensional 12in x 24in (Price/Each)$34.10
904Rose Dimensional 18in x 24in (Price/Each)$51.15
905Rose Dimensional 24in x 24in (Price/Each)$75.00
926Eagle Cliff Thermal Dimensional 12" x 12" (Price/Each)$16.50
927Eagle Cliff Thermal Dimensional 12" x 18" (price/each)$24.75
928Eagle Cliff Thermal Dimensional 12" x 24" (Price/Each)$33.00
929Eagle Cliff Thermal Dimensional 18" x 18" (Price/Each)$62.80
930Eagle Cliff Thermal Dimensional 18" x 24" (Price/Each)$83.73
931Eagle Cliff Thermal Dimensional 24" x 24" (Price/Each)$111.64
945Blue Dimensional 12" x 12" (Price/Each)$21.91
946Blue Dimensional 12" x 18" (Price/Each) $32.87
947Blue Dimensional 18" x 18" (Price/Each)$49.30
948Blue Dimensional 12" x 24" (Price/Each)$45.82
949Blue Dimensional 18" x 24" (Price/Each)$68.73
950Blue Dimensional 24" x 24" (Price/Each)$91.64
975Palomino Gold Dimensional 12in x 12in (Price/Each)$24.20
976Palomino Gold Dimensional 12in x 18in (Price/Each)$29.25
977Palomino Gold Dimensional 18in x 18in (Price/Each)$54.45
978Palomino Gold Dimensional 12in x 24in (Price/Each)$39.00
979Palomino Gold Dimensional 18in x 24in (Price/Each)$58.50
980Palomino Gold Dimensional 24in x 24in (Price/Each)$104.80
981Gold Steps 18in x 36in x 6in thick (Price/Each)$170.00
982Rose Steps 18in x 36in x 6in thick (Price/Each)$195.00
983Gold Steps 18in x 48in x 6in thick (Price/Each)$230.00
984Gold Steps 18in x 60in x 6in thick (Price/Each)$280.00
985Rose Step 18in x 48in x 6in (Price/each)$255.00
986Colorado Buff 18 x 36 x 6 (Price/Each)$200.00
987Colorado Buff 18" x 48" x 6" (Price/Each)$250.00
988Colorado Buff 18" x 60" x 6" (Price/Each)$310.00
989Cherokee Charcoal Step 18" x 36" x 6" (Price/Each)$235.00
990Cherokee Charcoal Step 18" x 48" x 6" (Price/Each)$270.00
991Rose Step 18" x 60" x 6" (Price/Each)$250.00
992Bison Brown Step 18" x 36" x 6" (Price/Each)$235.00
993Bison Brown Step 18" x 48" x 6" (Price/Each)$270.00
1020Buff Dimensional 12in x 12in (Price/Each)$26.75
1021Buff Dimensional 12in x 18in (Price/Each)$40.13
1022Buff Dimensional 18in x 18in (Price/Each)$60.19
1023Buff Dimensional 12in x 24in (Price/Each)$53.50
1024Buff Dimensional 18in x 24in (Price/Each)$80.25
1025Buff Dimensional 24in x 24in (Price/Each)$107.00
1100Adobe River $370.00
1101Scarlet River Wall$225.00
1102Scarlet River Path$330.00
1107Cobble Granite Flats$720.00
1108Aztec Gold$335.00
1110Carmel Glacier$375.00
1112Mohave Maroon River$350.00
1113Greystroke River$995.00
1116Gila River Path$510.00
1208Mexican Beach Pebbles 50 lb bag - Black or White$27.00
1210Red Mexican Beach Pebble 50 lb bag$27.00
1308Buff Planter (Price/Each)$80.00
1309Rose Planter (Price/Each)$80.00