$140 – $410 depending upon zone map located in office. 

Setting: 85/Half-Hour  Half-Hour Minimum 

Semi-truck with front-end loader included (12 ton maximum per trip)

10 ton maximum per trip if boulder(s) weigh more than 2 tons (Higher Cost) 

Semi load (24 ton maximum) if loader provided on job site (local deliveries only)

Price quotes available for areas beyond zone map and deliveries out of state.

20 ton+ quarry direct loads available if loader is provided at job site.


Additional delivery charges may apply for job sites that are off asphalt roadways

Switchback driveways and sites inaccessible for 60′ long trucks will be charged $150/hr if material being delivered needs to be shuttled with a loader.

On job sites where customer provides loader, 1 hour will be allotted to unload, $200/hr will be charged thereafter.

Damage waiver must be read and signed at time of order.